Oxford Yoga Classes – aligning body, mind & soul

The first 30 minutes of the Oxford Yoga classes is designed to help you relax, focusing on:

  • Gentle meditation, helping guide you into your body and the sensations you are feeling. This offers the potential to let go of the stress and tension that we unconsciously hold onto
  • Becoming aware of the breath, followed by the invitation to deepen it.  This helps to deactivate the nervous system putting us out of ‘fight, flight, freeze’ and into a more restful place
  • Reconnecting to your inherent kindness and sense of peace, all so vital and often too frequently and deeply forgotten.
  • We use the phrases:

May I be filled with a gentle kindness

May I be peaceful and at ease

The last 30 minutes moves into 

  • sitting poses
  • a more invigorating standing session
  • ending with a body scan embedded with a loving kindness meditation towards ourselves and all beings

May all beings be peaceful and at ease

Oxford Yoga - Yoga Logs

• Oxford Yoga Classes •

There are many different types of yoga available, some which are much more physically challenging that others.
With Oxford Yoga classes, emphasis is placed upon peace, breathing, relaxation and the alignment of body, mind and soul. This is not to say that there is no physical effort required, and that the sessions will not lead to the increased strengthening and flexibility of the body. Yet, rather than being the main focus of the sessions, these are very much seen as being a welcome byproduct.
Modern life is busy and stressful for most. It can be extremely easy to lose touch with yourself amongst all of the mayhem. As we step into our cars and step away from nature, it can be very easy to forget what it means to be human.
If you would like to find out more about what makes our approach different, we would be more than happy to talk.

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