Craniosacral therapy is an effective treatment that helps to balance the nervous system and supports your body’s natural ability to restore and heal itself.

Christina works from the basis that physical and emotional tensions are directly related.  She concentrates on the interface between the physical and emotional elements of the stress response cycle, reducing the feedback loop that the physical symptoms create.

For people experiencing on-going discomfort, negative emotional responses can become habitual. Craniosacral therapy can offer a direct reduction in both the physical and physiological effects of symptoms, so that innate positive physical and behavioural patterns can be restored.

Christina also teaches techniques to increase self-awareness, to enable clients to manage their own discomfort and stress, and to develop alternative coping strategies in relation to their symptoms. Clients consistently say that they have learned life-changing skills and feel better both physically and emotionally.

With compassionate, gentle, hands-on holding, craniosacral therapy assists in releasing areas of tension, so that your system can realign itself for optimum health.


Christina will place her hands lightly on you, whilst you are fully clothed.  She will use her hands to listen to you, in much the same way as a counsellor might listen to your words.  Your body will respond to this sensitive touch by beginning to listen to itself.

The sessions can provide a direct and safe experience of stress release.

Each session is designed around your specific needs and often combines elements of craniosacral therapy and mindfulness.


Sessions last for one hour. Once you have completed booking, please call me to schedule session.


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